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Bath Bombs


If everyone could soak in hot water with one of these, there would be world peace. Bought some for my wife for mother's day, and how good they are was totally unexpected. Very therapeutic. Makes the bathroom and bedroom smell great for a whole day. One of those lucky discoveries. We, I mean, my wife, has tried a handfull of varieties, and they've all been great. Our, I mean, her, favorite is Tahitian vanilla, which is a specialty variety that they happened to have in stock when I first discovered the store, which they can make on special order if you request it and order a minimum of five.

The full size bombs ($5) work well in our jacuzzi tub. At the shop they sell in full ($5) and half ($2.50) size, though I don't see the half sized option online.
Date Added: 04/22/2014 by Matt Walters